Apple Watch

The first smart home app for Apple Watch.

This project was full of unique challenges. The apps are white-labeled, so the design of the app needs to work with our partner's branding. The other challenge is that our customers range from small apartments with a single device, to fully automated mansions. We had to find a way to fit our app’s most valuable features into a tiny screen, on a completely new wearable device.

Our efforts paid off and we were lucky to be featured in the 2015 Apple Keynote, when the Apple Watch was first introduced. I paired up with an engineer and we flew to Cupertino to cram for a very intense couple of days leading up to the official unveiling of the Apple Watch.

These were some of our early concepts for the app, we scraped most of them after we got our hands on the watch, others would have been difficult to implement because of the restrictions of the platform, and others because of long strings; we support more than 10 languages, so that's something we always have to keep in mind when designing. 

apple watch early.png

After getting early access to the Apple Watch we were able to quickly iterate on some of the initials concepts. We found that responsiveness on the device was a big issue, so we decided to use a list view to summarize each device category, that way the watch could be used as a way to to get a quick look at the entire state of a home, rather than to control devices. 


Luis Guzman